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10 Ways to Cut Down on your electricity bill this Winter in Zimbabwe The colder months that we are in at the moment often bring higher electricity bills for homeowners in Zimbabwe. Its often common for homeowners to crank up their thermostats. People also get cozy and take long hot showers during the cold winter months. Its no brainer therefore that energy usage rises as seasonal temberatures drop. Luckily, there are some energy saving tips that Zimbabweans can take advantage of to reduce high energy consumption and electricity bills. Here are ten energy saving tips one can use to save on electricity. Ways Zimbabweans can cut down on their energy bill in winter Install solar system Choose LED Light Bulbs instead of incandescent Unplug Unused Devices Only Heat the rooms you need most Set Thermostat Lower Use Free Energy from the Sun Only Wash/Dry Full Loads of Laundry Take Shorter…

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