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OoNHow can you Identify Fake Solar Products in Zimbabwe? In Zimbabwe’s major towns and cities, there has been a proliferation of  many small shops selling solar panels , solar batteries, power inverters and other solar energy products. This mushrooming of solar players has been largely as a result of mainly, the widespread power outages being experienced in the country. Another reason is most people in the whole country are not connected to the ZESA grid, hence solar products become handy and useful to charge phones, connect home entertainment systems and more. However, the boom in solar energy demand has created a thriving market for substandard and even fake solar products. Fake solar panels, solar inverters, solar charge controllers, bulbs and batteries have flooded the market. Many unsuspecting Zimbabweans have fallen prey to some players who have taken advantage of their customer ignorance. Also compounding this issue is most Zimbabweans cannot…

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