Solar Panels for Sale in Harare, Zimbabwe

Solar Panels for Sale in Harare, Zimbabwe

Solar Panels for Sale in Harare, Zimbabwe

solar panels for sale in Harare Zimbabwe

Are you looking for solar panels for sale in Harare, Zimbabwe? Onpoint Solar offers high quality, high voltage and high efficiency polycrystaline and monocrystaline solar panel brands designed and manufactured to meet all your solar needs at reasonable cost.

Solar panels formulate the primary device for generating power using the sun. By primary device, it means they attract solar light from the sun and convert it into a suitable power that shall be made to use by electrical devices in the home. They are therefore an important aspect if you are looking to move to solar panels in Harare and Zimbabwe.

How to Choose the Best Solar Panels to Use in Zimbabwe

So you have decided to install solar panels at your home in Harare or Zimbabwe but not sure which to choose? You may want a small solar panel that powers some lights or charging your phone. Or you are looking at solar panels that can power all  the devices in your home or your business. Choosing the best solar panels that meet your needs is therefore very important. Installing a solar system is one of the smartest and cost effective decision that you can make. For home and business solar projetss, choosing the best solar panels is one of the important factors for you to realise the benefits of installing a solar system in Zimbabwe. We have here developed a list that can guide you when you are choosing your solar panels in Harare and Zimbabwe.

How to Choose Your Solar Panel

    1. Cost of Solar Panel
    2. Quality of the Solar Panel
    3. Efficiency of the Solar Panels
    4. Durability of the Solar Panels
    5. Solar Panel Size
    6. Types of Solar Cels Used

Cost of Solar Panel

solar panels for sale in Harare,Zimbabwe

This is the probably the first factor that many people look at when they are choosing or comparing a solar panels to buy in Harare and Zimbabwe. The cost of solar panels in Zimbabwe is determined by a lot of factors that include the size of the panel (in watts), the brand, the physical size and warranty of the panels. However, the cost of the solar panel should not only be the factor to be considered when buying solar panels. The most important thing to consider is the least expensive panel may not be the most efficient. This therefore means this may not be the best option for you or a business in the long term. Choosing solar panels in Harare or Zimbabwe that have a long life span (more than 25 years) is important than choosing the cheapest option. Cheap is not always the best!

The Quality of the Solar Panel

One should also consider the quality of  the solar panels for sale in Harare, Zimbabwe. There is a broad range of solar panel quality obtained on the Zimbabwean solar market. Solar panel quality takes into consideration how the solar panels are manufactured. It also takes into consideration the quality of the materials used  to build the solar panels. Different types of manufacturers in the world produce solar panels that differ in quality, efficiency and quality.

Some solar companies control each and every stage of the production process. We call these vertically intergrated solar panel manufacturing companies. Examples of these companies in the US include SolarCity, Vivint Solar, Sunrun/REC Solar and RGS energy among others.

solar brands in zimbabwe solar panels for sale in harare

These companies invest a lot into solar panel research and development and put a serious eye on solar panel quality. There are also other companies that only assemble solar panels, and do not usually manufacture their cells or even invest in research and development. This means they use more robotics. These companies however produce the most affordable solar panels. In Zimbabwe, most solar panels that are used on the market are imported from China. However, some quality solar brands are also available in Zimbabwe. These include Canadian Solar, Trinasolar, Jinko, JA Solar and more.

Energy Efficiency of the Solar Panels

What is solar panel efficiency? Solar panel efficiency means how much of the light the solar panel gets or receives from the sun is actually converted into electrical energy and therefore, how much power your system will generate. The more efficient the solar panel for sale in Harare, Zimbabwe, the better. It also goes that the more efficient the solar panel, the more expensive the solar panel shall be. It is important that you should get the most efficient solar panels given your energy needs. Getting the biggest and most efficient solar panel is not always the best choice as you end up spending more than should cover your energy needs. When looking at efficiency therefore, it is crucial that you assess your energy requirements first, find and then get the best panel that suit your needs. You should not underestimate, at the same time overestimate your energy needs


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