5 top reasons why businesses in Zimbabwe should invest in solar

5 top reasons why businesses in Zimbabwe should invest in solar

5 Top Reasons Why Businesses in Zimbabwe Should Invest in Solar.

5 top reasons why businesses in Zimbabwe should invest in solar

Investing in solar is a serious issue that companies in Zimbabwe should consider. After all, both big and small companies always work unrelenting to keep their costs under control.  In Zimbabwe, electricity and energy costs account for a huge chunk and share of a companies total overheads and expenses. Following the trend world wide too, a few companies are also realizing the power of going green, as it improves their socially responsible brand image.

All in all, solar energy comes in to meet all these goals easily as the long term benefits are phenomenal, at the same time utilising renewable, clean and non polluting energy. So, if you are a company in Zimbabwe and have not embraced the sun’s energy this article shall highlight the huge benefits.

Reasons why businesses in Zimbabwe should invest in solar

  1. Reducing overhead expenses and costs
  2. Solar Power is Reliable
  3. Ease of Maintenance
  4. Long Term Business Savings
  5. Solar is eco-friendly and good for corporate social responsibility

Reducing Overhead Expenses and Costs

Shifting to solar shall result in a massive reduction of overhead costs. Agreeably, reducing costs is one main thing that businesses in Zimbabwe seek to do. Electricity is needed to run everything, from fans, lights, computers, machines and other electrical tools. By shifting to solar, Zimbabwean firms shall be able to depend less on the ZESA grid and always fluctuating power tariffs. Moreover, moving to solar shall prevent companies from depending by changing costs of non-renewable fossil fuels too. Depending on the number of solar panels a business chooses to use or how much it wishes to replace ZESA grid’s supply, a company can cut overhead costs significantly.

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Solar Power Is Reliable

Agreeably, Zimbabwe is one country that witness frequent power outages and load shedding in many places. If a company in Zimbabwe invests in solar energy, this means getting a reliable and steady supply of power, no matter what ZESA grid supply is. Zimbabwean companies are reeling from the effects of power outages. However, Zimbabwe is located in a region where there is plenty of sunlight or solar irradiation. Since our country receives ample sunlight for most of the year, solar panels at a company can capture enough solar energy for converting to electricity. Companies can then store the electricity generated in batteries (off grid systems) or share the electricity to earn credit via net metering through grid tied systems. In all ways, going solar shall insure productivity is not affected due to poor and erratic power supply.

Ease of Maintenance

This is another good reason why it makes sense for Zimbabwean companies to invest in solar energy. Solar panels manufactured by experienced and well known solar brands are extremely efficient and it shall be a one time investment. These solar panels are made of the best material and can last for even 25 years if a company chooses wisely their solar installer. A company needs just to make sure that the solar panels are installed by experts who will asses the power needs, installation area available and budget before going ahead with the process. It is a well known fact that manufacturers do quality checks on their solar panels stringently and in house before selling them in the market. A company shall need minimal solar maintenance especially if the system involves no batteries

Long Term Business Savings

Although the initial costs of solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries and other solar equipment is initially high for companies in Zimbabwe. However, investing in solar energy means a company saves in the long run and this is what businesses aim for, to become more profitable. Since the costs of maintenance is very low as highlighted, Zimbabwean companies gets to set aside more savings to ensure a positive cash flow. This is very helpful especially during a crisis when the company needs urgent funds, for example, in emergency situations. This is also important as it ensures the company is less depended on bank loans.

Solar is eco-friendly and good for corporate social responsibility

Being eco-friendly is a global trending issue and it is imperative that Zimbabwean companies should follow suit. By investing in solar, companies can become more eco-friendly and cause less pollution that is otherwise generated by fossil fuels. This makes Zimbabwe and the planet a better place for future generations, reduce the carbon footprint. This shall also enable the company to meet the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals better. This is especially important in Zimbabwe as corporate social responsibility enables companies to earn special recognition and makes them attractive to clients, investors and partners.


Investing in solar energy is very important for businesses in Zimbabwe. Besides resulting in huge cost savings and overhead reduction, solar power is reliable and results in huge long term business savings. Business solar systems are also easy to maintain, eco-friendly and is a good corporate social responsibilty initiative. At Onpoint Solar, we design, install and maintain reliable business solar systems. We would want to make business realise all these benefits in the long run. Call our support team today and we shall discuss the best business solar packages that ensure your business becomes energy efficient.





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